Summer Maintenance Routines

Summer Maintenance Routines
  • Paved Roads
    • will be repaired
    • shoulders will be mowed at least once during the season
  • Local Gravel Roads
    • will be graded and repaired as required and as time permits with available equipment.
    • are to be kept in a reasonable state of repair having regard to the character of the road and level of public usage.
  • Signage
    • All regulatory traffic control signage will be inspected at least once annually.
    • Councilors and County employees will watch for and report any signs that have been damaged, removed, or have obstructed vision from growth of grass, bush, etc.
  • Custom Work for Patrol Operators
    • Maintenance of lane ways will be provided twice at land owner's request (online Grading Request form)
    • Other custom work may be undertaken when time permits for County Land Owners at a rate of $157.50 (which is 75% of ARA rates) and for Municipalities or Businesses at a rate of $210.00. Additional charges for attachments.  
    • Save/Hold Harmless Agreements to be obtained for any work undertaken.