Subdivision Information

Subdivision Information

What Is Subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of dividing a piece of land into any number of smaller parcels of land (as permitted by the County's and the Province's regulations). Each newly created parcel is issued its own registered title from an Alberta Land Titles Office. Subdivision may also include the movement (adjustment) of existing property lines between existing parcels of land.

Who Can Apply to Subdivide?

Only the person(s) who are registered owner(s) of the land that is to be subdivided can apply for a subdivision. However, the owner may appoint an authorized person to act on his/her behalf. Although anyone can be appointed, an authorized person is usually a planning consultant, land surveyor or lawyer.

How to Apply to Subdivide

Prior to submitting your formal application, you are encouraged to contact the County for a consultation. This is to ensure that you are aware of, and familiar with, all of the existing land use planning documents and policies that may affect your application and to clarify any of the requirements contained on this web site.

An "Application for Subdivision" will only be accepted by Camrose County as being complete when ALL of  the information has been submitted and ready for circulation to the various referral agencies.

Subdivision Application

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