Round Hill Railway Development

Hamlet of Round Hill - County Railway Property Development

2012 Budget - December 13, 2011

The following motions during the Budget Deliberations were ratified by Council at their meeting December 13, 2011

MOVED BY D. LYSENG - That Council ratify the following recommendations made during the 2012 budget deliberations:
  • That the residential cost for dust control remain at $308 per 100m for 2012 - approved
  • That Camrose County give $25,000 to the Battle River Railway for maintenance - defeated
  • That Camrose County donate $10,000 to the Daysland Hospital Foundation toward the new clinic in Daysland - approved
  • That the County not proceed with the development in Round Hill in 2012 - approved
  • That the County send a letter under the Reeve's signature indicating that Camrose County's contribution to the Camrose Performing Arts Centre is $1 million, no operating and no meeting is necessary - approved
  • That Camrose County give the Bashaw RCMP Consultative Group for the "Keeping Our Young Inexperienced Drivers Alive" (KOYIDA) $1000 funding to come from the grants or organizations account in the 2012 budget - approved
  • That the fiber optics and Video Initiative be tabled until 2013 when the Telus agreement expires but keep $4000 in the budget to start preparing for the fiber optics - approved
  • That Camrose County prepare a Parking and Overflow Camping Study for Pelican Point in 2012 for a cost of $37,000 - approve
  • Administration's goal for the 2012 budget was to give council a 0% increase in the municipal tax levy, yet still maintain a high level of municipal service to our ratepayers. The 2012 interim budget does not include any growth assessment values.


The following information report was provided to Council during their 2012 Budget deliberations - November 24-28, 2011

Round Hill Redevelopment - 2012 Budget

Check out the entire 2012 Budget deliberations at - 2012 County Budget

On May 2, 2011 an open house was held in Round Hill to gain community feedback on the development of the county railway property. There were 22 residents in attendance.

Three development concepts were presented and residents were asked to fill out a survey to indicate their preferred concept and how the green space should be utilized.  Five out of the 8 respondents chose concept 3 (large lots) as their preferred form of development. 

Due to the landfill site north of Round Hill, there will have to be green space in the center of the development as residential lots cannot be built within the area closer to the landfill. There are existing commercial lots on the west end of the site.


The following motion was adopted by Council at their meeting held June 28, 2011

  1. That Council approve the development concept for the Round Hill Railway Development, in agreement with residents’ desires, as development concept 3 (large lots).
  2. That Council authorize administration to further investigate and decide on the green space options in collaboration with the engineer.
  3. That Camrose County receive a quote from ISL Engineering to complete the next phase of the development, a final design concept.  The final design concept would include lots sizing, municipal infrastructure and utility costs and green space models.An open house was held at the Firehall in Round Hill on May 2, 2011.   The purpose of the Open House to highlight three (3) development options for the County owned property in Round Hill.   Residents were asked to complete a survey indicating their preference for development  and to identify possible uses of "green space" within the development. 

To see a copy of the 3 Development Options or to see a copy of the survey, please see below:
Round Hill Railway Development - Option 1
Round Hill Railway Development - Option 2
Round Hill Railway Development - Option 3
Round Hill Railway Development - Resident Survey

Background Information

Round Hill Community Development Committee

  • County Railway Property Development
  • Consensus of committee, after talking to community residents, was to have county develop the property. The County would ensure the redevelopment is done, and done in the best interest of the community.
    Options for affordable housing (partnerships with Habitat For Humanity, or other organizations
    Green Community Subdivision - renewable energy (energy efficient homes using solar power, rain water collection systems, wind power, wood biomass)
    Next steps
  • Community will see no construction work on property in 2010
  • Administration work with Engineering company for development design of the property using funding from the Round Hill Redevelopment Reserve account
  • Council will be considering redevelopment concept plans during  2011-2014 Strategic Planning Sessions in December 2010 and 2011 capital budget deliberations
  • Concept plans presented to community during open house in early 2011

May 4, 2005 - Public Meeting

Landowners indicated that there should a regional water line be installed in the Hamlet, they would like to develop the railway property land into residential lots. Size of the property - Approx. 25.6 acres

September 12, 2006 - council meeting

  • #337/06 V. PETERSON - That Camrose County purchase Railway Plan 3694AF in the Hamlet of Round Hill in the amount of $65,000.00
  • Nuisance grounds - privately owned - private owner would be responsible for Level 1 Environmental Assessment, or County could negotiate the cost of the assessment as this could potentially stop development within the community as per the 300M setback requirement from Alberta Subdivision and Development Regulations

2009 - County cleared brush and debris from property - minor landscaping and leveling was completed 

2009 - County completed a Level 1 and Level 2 Environmental Assessment on property for potential development