Regulated Property

Regulated Property


Farmland is assessed on the basis of its productive value; that is, the ability of the land to produce income from the growing of crops and/or the raising of livestock. The productive value of farm land is determined using a process that sets a value for the best soils, and then makes adjustments for less-than optimum conditions such as stones, the presence of sloughs or topography.

Linear property

These properties have distribution lines or other facilities, and may cross municipal boundaries. Linear property includes:

  • Oil and gas wells
  • Pipelines to transport petroleum products
  • Electric power systems (generation, transmission, and distribution facilities)
  • Telecommunication systems (including cellular telephone systems)
  • Cable television systems

Linear property is assessed by the assessor designated by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment includes such things as underground tanks, separators, fuel gas scrubbers, compressors, chemical injectors, and metering and analysis equipment. Machinery and equipment is used in conjunction with properties such as refineries, chemical plants, pulp and paper plants and oil sands plants.

Railway property

The assessed value of railway property is a fixed dollar amount per kilometer, based on the annual tonnage transported on the railway right-of-way. Each rail company must annually report the type and length of line in each municipality to the local assessor. The railway property is then assessed by the local assessors.