Public Approaches

Pre-amble to Policy 17.05 Public Approaches:

Approaches located within the road right of way are under the discretion, control and management of Camrose County and as such Council retains full discretion over the installation and/or removal of approaches.  In the interest of public safety, the County wishes to limit the number of new accesses and ensure that wherever possible, approaches meet approved standards.  The Manager of Public Works or his designate is hereby authorized to approve the installation of new approaches in accordance with this policy.


The construction of an approach located within a road right of way requires the prior approval of Camrose County.  An approval for the construction of an approach will only be granted where the requested location is considered safe and practical by the County, through consultation with the landowner.  All new approach requests will be processed following a submission of the Approach Application form attached to this policy.


All approach construction and widening is the responsibility of the landowner with the exception of new approaches constructed as part of Local Road Construction – Policy 17.04, and approaches which fall under Section B – Subsection 4 of this Policy.


See the full Policy 17.05 Here


Forms:  Application for Approach Construction Approval

             Approach Design Specifications Drawing