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Crop Diseases:

Crop Pests:

For current insect pest monitoring data from throughout the province visit the Alberta Pest Monitoring Network. 

Aquatic Pests:


Animal Pests


Richardson’s Ground Squirrel (Gophers)


  • Skunk traps are available for rent from the Camrose County Agriculture Services Department.  For more information or to rent a trap call 780-672-4765.


  • For Beaver trapping or Dam removal contact Camrose County Agricultural Services at 780-672-4765.  In 2021 the fee for trapping beavers is $300.00 plus GST for a maximum of 7 visits and an additional $300.00 plus GST if another cycle of trapping is required at the same location.  There is a flat fee of $125.00 plus GST for blasting a beaver dam.

Please report sightings of pests or noxious or prohibited noxious weeds to the Camrose County Agricultural Services Department by submitting the following form:  Weed Sighting Form