Living Heritage Program

Camrose County Living Heritage Program

A. The Concept: To develop a Camrose County program which:

  • encourages and strengthens appreciation of our history, geography and  environment
  • encourages tourism which benefits County business owners, entrepreneurs and others
  • involves residents of all ages in activities that are part of this program
  • gathers regional historical data from ancient history to present day
  • develops opportunities for cooperation between neighbouring municipalities
  • accesses and utilizes provincial, federal, and community resources
  • works with Camrose County's Corporate Services Manager and utilizes the County website and social media contacts.

B. How the Concept began

County resident, Forrest Hagen, contacted the County to ask if we had a historical policy to recognize and preserve our natural environment and historical sites. Mr. Hagen also provided the attached thought provoking publications "Museums Without Walls: getting the conversation started on ecomuseums" and "Ecomuseums'.

 "Museums Without Walls..." a quote particularly relevant to our situation:

            "Where people are already working but are somewhat isolated in their efforts to    maintain the cultural and natural values of a region...".


C.  Progress to date:  The Living Heritage Committee first met in late 2016.  In the summer of 2015 a grant from Camrose and District Support Services provided funding for a summer research student.  Trish Ryan completed many hours of travelling and interviewing and began work on a Living Heritage Website.  Plans are in the works to complete more research and continue the work started by Trish this past summer.

Please take time to browse the Living Heritage Website!  (remember this is a work in progress!)