Gravel Pit Operations/Gravel Crushing

The County of Camrose owns and operates 5 gravel pits located in the south portion of the County. Each year the County crushes an average of 100,000 - 130,000 tonnes of road surfacing gravel as required. The gravel crushing is contracted out to private crushing contractors and an independent consultant is hired to ensure the gravel produced conforms to the required specification.

Road Gravelling Program

An average of 550 km of local road Is graveled each year. Regular gravelling requires approximately 225 - 400 tonnes of gravel per mile, however this will vary from road to road. Re-gravelling is to be undertaken in each year on the basis of priorities with consideration to the road classification and the existing gravel condition of the road relative to the amount and type of traffic.

The County of Camrose has a Winter Gravelling Program. Winter gravelling ensures that the roads are gravelled prior to spring break up, providing an improved surface during this weak period . Gravel trucks now haul during the winter months over frozen roads, further protecting the roads from damage and eliminating the problems caused by dust.

The County has found the winter gravelling program to be cost effective. Roads do not require maintenance or dust control during the winter haul. This also offsets the possibilities of some gravel being lost due to snow plowing.

If there are roads remaining to be gravelled from the winter haul they are completed in the spring/early summer.