Fusarium Alert



As a result of the potential economic impact on the agricultural producers and recognizing the need to protect the grain industry, the County of Camrose in accordance with the Agricultural Pests Act of the Province of Alberta, announces that effective immediately an interim policy of zero tolerance to the declared pest Fusarium graminearum is enacted within the County of Camrose.

Fusarium graminearum the causal agent of Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) or Tombstone disease, can potentially destroy Alberta's grain industry by reducing quality, feed efficiency, and eliminate malt and seed potential.

All feed, seed and screenings entering the County of Camrose, originating from outside Alberta, for either end use purposes or off loading for redistribution must be tested and certified to be Fusarium graminearum free.

Any feed, seed, or screenings that are determined to be infected with the pest will be ordered removed from the County of Camrose, or destroyed by burning or burying.  These measures are being implemented in order to prevent the establishment of this disease within the County of Camrose.

Random inspections will be done to insure compliance with this policy.

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