County Hamlets

Hamlets within Camrose County


Types of Municipalities in Alberta

There are 3 types of municipalities in Alberta:

  • Urban (cities, towns, villages, summer villages)
  • Rural (counties including hamlets, special areas)
  • Specialized (urban and rural)

Municipal Districts

There are 74 rural municipalities in Alberta. The designation "rural" should not be interpreted to include farm or resource based areas only. That is,some of these municipalities contain substantial country residential populations.   A municipal district (M.D., also called a county) is a government form in rural areas of the province. It includes farmlands as well as unincorporated communities such as hamlets and rural residential subdivisions. The council consists of one councilor per ward, one of whom is elected by council as reeve.

The council of a County can designate an unincorporated community that is within its boundaries to be a hamlet. A community can be a hamlet if it consists of 5 or more dwellings, has a generally accepted boundary and name, and contains land that is used for non-residential purposes.

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