Compliance Letters

Compliance Letters

A compliance letter verifies whether or not the information on the Real Property Report complies with the setback requirements of the County's Land Use Bylaw. Camrose County does not require people to obtain a compliance letter, but will provide the service at the request of an applicant.

Compliance Certificate Policy

Why do I need a Compliance Letter?

Compliance letters are being requested when land is sold. Standard real estate purchase contracts often require the vendor to guarantee that the buildings on the property meet the Land Use Bylaw regulations and do not encroach onto easements, utility right-of-ways or onto other properties. Compliance letters may also be requested by other agencies for the same reason.

What a Compliance Letter does not review:

1. The use of buildings
2. The zoning of the lands
3. The Safety Code permits (Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing)
4. The private sewage system

Response to a Compliance Request

When you request a compliance letter you will receive one of the following 3 responses from Camrose County.

1. Compliance Letter - If the buildings on the property comply with the setback requirements of the Land Use Bylaw.

2. Letter of Non-Compliance - If one or more buildings on the property do not comply with the setback requirements of the Land Use Bylaw.

3. Letter of Non-Conformance - If one or more buildings on the property do not comply with the setback requirements of the Land Use Bylaw, but did comply with the municipal regulations in place at the time of construction.


To apply for a compliance letter you must submit:

1. One (1) Real Property Reports, which must be:

  • legible and clear  
  • partial or spliced copies will not be accepted
  • must be less than 2 years old without a Statutory Declaration
  • if older than 2 years, but not older than 15 years, the RPR must include a Statutory Declaration 
  • RPRs older than 15 years will not be accepted

     Note: The County will not return the RPR to you. 

2. A letter, or application, requesting is compliance letter, signed by the owner or their agent

3. A Statutory Declaration (if required)

4. The application fee

Compliance Fees can be found in the Fee for Service Bylaw 


Standard processing time for a compliance request is 7-10 days.

The County provides two day rush service for an additional charge.  

Why do I need a Real Property Report (RPR)?

Compliance for a property is based on a portrayal of the development as it currently exists in the real world.
A Real Property Report is produced by an accredited survey firm that measures the development (buildings, etc.) on the land and produces a drawing of it in accordance with the survey industry standards.

Camrose County does not do a site inspection on compliance requests, so it bases the compliance letter on the Real Property Report that is submitted with the application for compliance. A compliance letter is only as accurate as the Real Property Report. Caution should be used when submitting older Real Property Reports since they will not reflect any changes to the property since the date of the RPR.

Private Sewage Compliance Requests

For a compliance certificate on your private sewage system please contact the City of Camrose at 780-672-4428.

Compliance Letter Application

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