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Bylaws, Policies, and Related Documents
Hierarchy of Plans

MGA 638 All statutory plans adopted by a municipality must be consistent with each other.

If  a conflict or inconsistency between statutory plans is found:

  • An intermunicipal development plan will prevail over a municipal development plan, area structure plan or area redevelopment plan;  and
  • A municipal development plan will prevail over an area structure plan or area redevelopment plan.

Intermunicipal Development Plans

Municipal Development Plan

Area Structure Plans

Draft Intermunicipal Area Structure Plan with City of Camrose


Land Use Bylaw

Policies and Bylaws related to planning, subdivision, and development

Below is a listing of all Camrose County Policies which are taken into consideration, where applicable, in land use planning or development decisions. The policies are used in conjunction with the statutory plans adopted by Camrose County, including, but not limited to: Intermunicipal Development Plans, Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans, Land Use Bylaw, and Development Standards.

Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks


Land Use Bylaw 1373

Camrose County Land Use Bylaw 1373 is a regulatory document that implements the land use policy and regulates the use of land and buildings within the County. Land Use By-law 1373 was adopted by County Council on April 12, 2016.

A printed copy of the Land Use By-law can be obtained from the County Office (for $20.00 + GST) or printed from this webpage.

A Land Use Bylaw can be amended from time to time by Council, or through a application for amendment from a landowner. The copy of Bylaw 1373 above, includes any amendments to date as an Office Consolidation, to make reading the documents easier. If you want original copies of the bylaw or the amending bylaws contact the Planning Department. 

Questions concerning any amendments to Land Use Bylaw 1373, or the application or interpretation of Land Use Bylaw 1373 should be directed to the Planning & Development Department.

How to Use the Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw establishes regulations for the use of land and buildings in the County. Regulations differ depending on the location and type of development contemplated. Land Use District Maps provide direction for development and use of land on specific parcels throughout the County. It is important when reviewing the Land Use Bylaw to consider both the general and specific regulations that may apply to your property.

The Land Use Bylaw reflects County regulation only – other bylaws, regulations and Acts of the County, province and federal government must also be observed.  It is up each individual to ensure that the laws of each level of government regulating the use of land and development are observed.

When using the Land Use Bylaw it is suggested that the user follow these steps:

  1. Locate the subject property on the Land Use District Maps. Note the district title that applies to the property (e.g. A, CR-1, LR).
  2. Use the Land Use Bylaw Table of Contents to find the specific Land Use District Regulations. The Land Use District Regulations are in Part Seven of the Bylaw. Each Land Use District Regulation includes a list of permitted and discretionary uses, development regulations and other specific regulations as necessary. These regulations are used to determine the use of land and the types of development that can occur in each Land Use District.
  3. Review the general regulations in Section Six of the Bylaw to determine if there are any general regulations that may apply to the subject property or development. General regulations address issues such as parking, on-site and off-site servicing requirements, signs, accessory buildings, natural resource extraction, etc.
  4. Discuss your proposed land use or development with staff from the Planning Department.

If you require assistance with the regulations or processes contained in the Land Use Bylaw, please contact the Planning Department.

The official version of the Land Use Bylaw and amendments is located at the County office. The official version on the Land Use Bylaw should be consulted in all cases where an officially certified version of the Bylaw is required.


Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 1372

The Camrose County Municipal Development Plan was adopted by County Council on April 12, 2016. The Municipal Development Plan establishes land use policies for the County as a whole.

A Municipal Development plan can change from time to time as new land use trends emerge. Questions about amendments to the Municipal Development Plan or interpretation of the Municipal Development Plan should be directed to the Planning & Development Department.

In addition to the Municipal Development Plan, Camrose County has a number of Area Structure Plans in place. These Area Structure Plans are adopted by Council and, like the Municipal Development Plan, establish land use poIicies for specific areas in the County.