Admin Building Biofuel Project

County Administration Building Biofuel Project

In 2008, Camrose County initiated a project to heat the County Administration Building with a new, sustainable, alternative green energy.  Since 2011 the system now supplies sustainable heating energy from a renewable willow tree plantation, and simultaneously provides a use for waste water from a sewage lagoon.

Willows ready for harvest - Reeve Gregorwich   Silo and Boiler System

"... the visionary leadership at Camrose County is remarkable and their dedication to utilize the willow from the Ohaton plantation is an example of how we can utilize environmentally sustainable and renewable resources to complement our efficient use of energy from fossil fuels to the benefit of the local community." 

Don Hartfield, P.Eng, P.M.P. Alberta Innovates

Youtube - Camrose County Wood Biomass


Youtube - E25 Waste to Willow - an easy to grow energy crop that also treats your waste.

Additional Information

Biofuel Initiative Information

2011 Minister’s Award for Municipal Excellence - September 19, 2011

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Incorporating Treated Wastewater

Wood Boiler and Willow Plantation System

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