2017 Public Works Projects

2017 Road Construction Projects

Project 3-61-16 Twp Rd 480 from Sec. Hwy 834 to Rge Rd 201:  This project is currently on hold awaiting Alberta Environment approval

Project 3-51-17 Twp 464, Rge Rd 171 and Twp 460:  Design taking place in 2017, Engineering contract awarded to ROHI Engineering Ltd. for Phase I at the June 13th Council Meeting.

Project 3-61-17: Hamlet Streets in Kingman and Round Hill: Summer 2017.  Contract awarded to Border Paving.

Ohaton Street repair: Project Completed in July.  


2017 Bridge Construction Projects

Bridge File 6524 (East of Armena on Rge Rd 205): replacement in Summer 2017.

Bridge File 8899 (Twp Rd 444 and Rge Rd 171): replacement in Summer of 2017.  Funding for this project will be 75% STIP, and 25% Camrose County contribution.  Work is progressing and if the weather cooperates the project will be completed in July.


Bridge File 6516 (Rge Rd 205 at the entrance to Meeting Creek): replacement in Summer of 2017, Project will be funded by STIP Grant for 75% and the Camrose County portion of 25% will be covered by Federal Gas Tax Fund.


2017 Utilities Projects

New Norway Lagoon Repairs/Rehabilitation:  Summer 2017, tender package will be distributed this week.

Armena to Ervick Waterline:  Currently working on setting reservoir sites.  Construction expected to begin in 2017.